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Wedding Destination Jaipur

Tie The Knot In Grandeur With Perfect Wedding Places In Jaipur

Jaipur is the land of kings with their rich palaces. It has a class to it. Nowadays, those old forts and palaces have been renovated. These are now used as wedding venue. So, we grabbed this opportunity and chosen some of the best Wedding Places Jaipur for you. Whenever you think about spending few bucks extra and get hitched in a luxurious style, do not waste your time and contact us, at Shaadiwala.

Among so many best wedding places India, you cannot afford to miss out the beauty of Jaipur. This place has it all; from old forts to cultural heritage. You will now get the golden opportunity to wed your partner in the old-fashioned way, just like the queens used to do! Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, actually it is!

We can further decorate the wedding theme, as per the chosen wedding in Jaipur. If you want something formal and chic, we can arrange for that, as well! So, present us with a call and let us be your guide for your special day!

ITC Rajputana

ITC Rajputana: Perfect Spot For Jaipur Destination Wedding

Jaipur is the perfect destination to gift yourself the best destination wedding of the year. You are too excited for your big day, and this is quite common. Well, if you are looking for that best wedding venue in Jaipur, then ITC Rajputana can prove to be an impressive option around here. This 5 star hotel is just amazing and can present your guests with the ultimate accommodation for you. The staffs are too friendly and warm and always by your side when you need them

Features you cannot deny:

So, are you looking for that perfect wedding destination Jaipur? Then this wedding venue will prove to be an outstanding option. Some of the privileges available over here are:

  • Wi Fi service
  • Swimming pool
  • Wellness center
  • Good surrounding restaurant

If you are planning for that luxurious wedding in Jaipur, contact us at Shaadiwala and we will book this 5-star hotel for you, on your selected dates. You will be amazed with the responses now!

Trident Jaipur

Wedding In Trident Jaipur With Some Additional Features

For that ultimate wedding in Trident Jaipur, Hotel Trident is the one-stop solution. If you are already planning for booking over here, contact us immediately. We will make the booking on your behalf and make this wedding day extra special for you. From special rooms and suites to mesmerizing dining experience, you can always expect the best from this hotel.

Hosted multiple events:

Well, hotel Trident for wedding is a first choice for the would-be couples. If you have that money to spare and want to get married in a king style, this hotel is able to fulfill your dreams. Some of the noteworthy features are:

  • Wellness centers
  • Kids club
  • Special suites for the guests
  • Amazing cuisines in dining region

Now, this hotel is always booked for wedding in Jaipur. So, if you want to be one of their clients, then contact us now, and we, at Shaadiwala, will help you to complete the booking service with ease.

The Lalit

The Lalit: Ultimate Spot For Impressive Wedding Solutions

Lalit is known to house some of the best and rich hotels all over India. The one in Jaipur is especially famous for housing some of the most popular weddings of the century. If you have money and want to do the same, then contact us, at Shaadiwala immediately. We are here to help you enjoy the best Wedding in The Lalit Jaipur and make your guests feel right at home.

Rely on the staff:

The staff from Lalit is always available and ready to offer help. This place boasts 231 spacious suites and rooms and with state of the art facilities. With its entertainment and three dining options, you will not get anything better than this.

  • It has this magnificent spa, covering 12,000 square feet with herbal and therapeutic sessions.
  • Get the chance to eat and drink in the famous restaurant, covering all the thoughtful dishes for you

So, being a part of The Lalit has to be the best experience in your life. It can add glamor to your wedding.

Rajasthali Resort Spa

Rajasthali Resort Spa: Wedding To Stay Memorable Forever

Want to wed in a pure maharaja style? If so, then Wedding in Rajasthali Resort Spa can be a great option. With its unique accommodation experience and spa as an added value, this resort is the ultimate destination for the newly wed couples and their guests. The amazing surrounding beauty with 24 hours attending staff will make your wedding a memorable one to cherish forever.

Facilities to enjoy:

Want us at Shaadiwala to book a date for your wedding in the best wedding places in Jaipur? If so, then we will always try to get a sea in Rajasthali Resort Spa first. But before that, we would want you to know some of the activities, you can enjoy while your stay over here.

  • Recreational activity with multiple sports
  • Great dining and Rajasthani special cuisine
  • Fitness area
  • Water polo and outdoor swimming pool

These are very few of the available features available. Your stay will be taken complete care of by the reputed staff of this luxurious resort.

Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace: Perfect Area To Host Your Destination Wedding In Jaipur

Rambagh Palace boasts the rich history of Indian culture in every step it takes. From great foo to amazing traditional suites, you will feel like entering the world of kings and queens, after you entered this hotel. A wedding in Rambagh Palace Jaipur is likely to remain in your mind forever. You might want to give your guests the same feeling by booking this hotel for your wedding. For that, if you need help, when we, at Shaadiwala come into action.

Experiences to enjoy:

Being a part of this Palace is a great achievement on its own. Once you have booked a suite, you will be handed a list of facilities, designed for you to enjoy. It is known as best wedding venue in Jaipur for some reasons though!

  • Enjoy sumptuous meal by some of the master chefs around here
  • Get yourself a guide to enjoy the rich beauty of the Pink City

There are certain lists of amenities designed for the guests planning to stay over here. Come to us and we will help you.

Shiv Vilas

Shiv Vilas Resort Has Everything For A Magnificent Wedding

A wedding in shiv vilas resort Jaipur definitely has to be a unique experience. This place promises you with the best of reliable amenities and services. If you are looking for a luxury resort experience, this wedding venue is the ultimate option to work on. But, you have to hurry up! The seats are almost full and getting a date is becoming harder with every passing day. So, give us a call and let us help you make a booking right away.

Some features you cannot deny:

Want us at Shaadiwala to book a date for your wedding in the best wedding places in Jaipur? If so, then we will always try to get a sea in Rajasthali Resort Spa first. But before that, we would want you to know some of the activities, you can enjoy while your stay over here.

  • Not just the rooms and suites, but the entire Shiv Vilas is known for its great amenities and that traditional luxurious touch to it. This is a popular wedding venue in Jaipur and for some reasons. Here, you will get some of the most amazing experiences ever.
  • From perfect room and suites to exquisite dining service, this place has it all. You can even be a part of its luxury spa treatment. Just let us, at Shaadiwala, know your dates and we will book the same for you.

Chomu Palace

Chomu Palace: Be A Part Of Bygone Era And Enjoy Wedding At Its Best

For that 5 star hotel feel for your wedding, ChomuPalace is the top-notch spot to work on. Hosting a wedding in Chomu Palace Jaipur is a treat for you, as well for your guests. Enjoy the richness of Jaipur heritage at its best in this place and you won’t regret making this decision at all.

Enjoy the royal Rajasthan history and this decision will be the best you can get hold of. Enjoy a wealth of experience, which will well resound with indulgences and memories of a golden era.

Want us at Shaadiwala to book a date for your wedding in the best wedding places in Jaipur? If so, then we will always try to get a sea in Rajasthali Resort Spa first. But before that, we would want you to know some of the activities, you can enjoy while your stay over here.

Rich cuisine and what not:

  • Being the best wedding venue in Jaipur, this Palace is the ultimate platform for rich cuisines. Not only that, but you get the opportunity to enjoy some signature experiences from this same platform. Other than attending a wedding, your guests can explore the city well. Just be sure of your needs and there is no turning back. We, at Shaadiwala are able to get this venue for you.

The Oberoi Rajvilas

Expert The Best From The Oberoi Rajvilas

Jaipur houses some of the best wedding spots, which are hard to ignore. Looking for the best wedding venue in Jaipur now comes to an end with The Oberoi Rajvilas. It is your ultimate way to explore royalty at its best. With beautiful landscaped designs and exotic birdlife, this place has everything for a wonderful scenic view.

What to expect:

Once you have chosen wedding venue in The Oberoi Rajvilas, you are about to receive some impeccable experiences. From its luxurious restaurant to the Oberoi Spa, there are loads of options available. Not only that, but you can further enjoy special Oberoi experience with authentic culture, Rajasthani art and culinary demonstration.

Being a part of this 5 star hotel will prove to be the best decision in your life. Your wedding will get a new meaning for sure. Just call us, at Shaadiwala for the pre-booking, and let us book the rooms and suites for you.

Jai Mahal Palace

Contact Us For A Wedding Date At Jai Mahal Palace

Wedding comes with lots of hopes and dreams. You have always dreamt of destination Wedding in Jai Mahal Palace and we are able to fulfill that for you. Join hand with our team and let us, at Shaadiwala book the right number of suites before it gets too late. You have to hurry up, if you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

More about this hotel:

Entering Jai Mahal is like entering the Indo-Saracenic masterpiece, which is set amidst Mughal Gardens. This is one of the hotspot wedding venue Jai Mahal Palace and will add more meaning to your special day. The sprawling rooms and suites will provide ultimate comfort to your guests. Furthermore, they will be treated on the mazing Rajasthani cuisine too.

While looking for the best venue in Jai Mahal, it is requested to go through all the available options and make requisite booking accordingly. Depending on your choice, the prices are likely to vary.

Raddisson Blu

Raddisson Blu Jaipur: Book Right Now Before It Gets Too Late

For that perfect chic and modernized wedding venue in Jaipur, Radisson Blu is the ultimate option to go for. It is a bit expensive, but every penny spent is worth the services you will get. The convenient location of this hotel makes it even more popular among the would-be couple. It is just 2km from the International Airport.

Some amenities you can get:

You can always host wedding in Radisson Blu Jaipur and this is going to be the best decision ever made. Here are loads of amenities available for the guests, willing to stay over here.

Just to let your guests enjoy a delicious cuisines while their stay in Jaipur, this hotel has a specially designed restaurant. Here, you can try some authentic Jaipur dishes right now. Choose to give Shaadiwala a call and we will help you with the booking.


Experience Class And Richness With Ramada Jaipur

Ramada Jaipur is the ultimate example of royal luxury hospitality. This place has the most amazing features, which will make your wedding memorable. With 160 elegantly maintained rooms and suites, you can host big or small events easily. Other than that, the staffs are friendly and always ready to offer around the clock service. So, if you are planning for wedding in Ramada Jaipur, then ensure to give us a call at Shaadiwala and pre-book for the dates.

Additional features for you:

There are so many additional features you are likely to enjoy while your stay in Jaipur. This royal wedding venue in Jaipur is glad to make this event a thoughtful one for you.

  • Experience unparalleled dining experience at award winning restaurants
  • Get flexible dates for your wedding and there are different sections for conferences available too

If you want to get the special offers, then just give us a call. We will help you to learn more about the hotel and the offers available just for you.

Hotel Fairmont

Hotel Fairmont: Perfect Spot For Hosting Ultimate Wedding

There are many times when you have thought about a luxurious wedding in Hotel Fairmont. If you really have, then we are here to make this dream come true. Enjoy the classic beauty of hosting a wedding in a luxurious center and you will enjoy every moment of it. We know how special your wedding day is. Therefore, the experts from this hotel will ensure to work hard, just to let you enjoy your time in the best manner possible.

Perfect accommodation and more:

From well-equipped and decorated suites for you guests to the amazing dining experience, you have everything from this popular wedding venue Jaipur. You can further enjoy some wide ranges of Rajasthani travel services and activities.

Whether you are planning to swim or just enjoy the lavish dinner served in the dining room, the staff is always there for you. Call us, at Shaadiwala and let us help you make the booking right away.