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It is a fact that people in our country are mad about hindi movies of the Bollywood and follow their fashion in every part of their life. With the superhit movies such as hum apke hai kaun and dilwale dulhnia le jayenge, the latest trend is about magnificent marriages where all people including the bride and groom enjoy lot of movies songs and dance at the wedding,. While planning the wedding, one of the important parts of planning is the hire of the best choreographer who teaches filmy dances to the bridal couple and most of the relatives. Most often a theme for any wedding is decided and all the songs are selected to reflect that theme.

The choreographer can be broadly defined as the person, it can be a male or female, who sets dance moves or choreography for a particular song which is to be performed during many ceremonies of the wedding. The choreographer also uses different props to making the performance more interesting and beautiful.

As our company is a wedding planner which is based at Jaipur in Rajasthan State, we also organize the best choreographer for our clients who want to show off the talent of their family members during various wedding ceremonies. We also negotiate with them for the best deal and take care of the fact he should fit in your budget. If possible, we contract the services of the best choreographers in the country. In addition to that, we also organize the schedule of teaching and rehearsing various songs with the help of choreographer. In short, we take care of everything so that our client can enjoy the event without any stress.

Our contract also includes the organizing the studio or hall where the bridal couple and their family members can learn and rehearse the dance moves before the wedding.